General Terms


These terms and conditions apply to any individual or business who uses Matthew Newman dba My Lawn Mower & Me (known hereafter as, "My Lawn Mower & Me") as their service provider. If the terms and conditions change during the year, clients will be notified of the changes through email correspondence. Clients who are on a contract will be held to the contract terms, and not necessarily the terms and conditions posted here.


Accessing the Property


Any and all gates to access the serviceable work area(s) must remain unlocked for the full day of your scheduled service. The client may instead provide My Lawn Mower & Me with a key or code to gain access to the property. My Lawn Mower & Me will make their best effort to close gates securely when they are done servicing the property, but it is the client’s responsibility to ensure the gate is closed. My Lawn Mower & Me will not be responsible for pets, kids, or items that are lost or stolen as a result of a gate not being secured.


It is the client’s responsibility to ensure all items in the serviceable work area are picked up by the date of service, including pet droppings, pet leashes, toys, bones, hoses, cords, and similar objects.


If part of a client's property is inaccessible, due to a locked gate, construction project, or similar situation, the client will be invoiced the greater amount of the $15.00 trip charge or a discounted amount for the portion of the completed service.


Lawn Mowing


My Lawn Mower & Me will mow all turf areas with equipment that seems best fit for the property, including any combination of zero turn mowers, tractors, walk behind mowers, push mowers, string trimmers, and edgers. My Lawn Mower & Me offers mowing to be done weekly, every other week, or on an "as-needed" basis. My Lawn Mower & Me highly recommends mowing to be done on a weekly basis, and will disperse clippings so as not to be seen within a 24-hour period. If mowing is done every other week or on an "as-needed" basis, clippings will be dispersed in the turf, or bagged if reasonable. *Clients will be charged double the amount of their service cost for lawns that are 6-11 inches tall, and triple the amount for lawns that are over 12-17 inches tall. Any lawns that are 18+ inches in height will not be serviced until a price has been mutually agreed upon. Each lawn between 6-17 inches in height will be clearly documented and sent to client via electronic mail (e-mail) after service. Mowing frequency can be changed at anytime by contacting My Lawn Mower & Me.


My Lawn Mower & Me will disperse clippings from the chute with care or use an operator chute discharge to control the flow of clippings while services are being performed. Once mowing has been completed, clippings, leaves, dust, and other debris will be blown off from hard surfaces and into the lawn. My Lawn Mower & Me will not be held responsible for washing cars, houses, and other objects that may become dirty as a result of the property being mowed.


Grass and weeds in landscape beds will not be mowed or trimmed, because they should be sprayed with pesticides and physically pulled to eliminate weekly maintenance of the same weed, or anything similar. Maintaining grass and weeds in landscape beds is a fertilization and weed control service, not mowing. Turf areas that can’t be mowed will be trimmed with string line trimmers. It is the client’s responsibility to protect trees, pots, plants, mailbox posts, sided areas of the house, fences, decks, playground equipment, downspout drains, air conditioning/heat pump systems, and similar objects with mulched landscape beds, so damage from a string trimmer can be prevented. My Lawn Mower & Me will not be held responsible for damage done by mowers, trimmers, and edgers to items left in turf areas, including hoses, exposed utility lines, electrical cords, invisible fence wiring, Christmas lights, landscape lighting, pet leashes, exposed irrigation heads, irrigation lines next to concrete flatwork, portable swimming pools, children's toys, and other similar objects. My Lawn Mower & Me will provide reasonable care when mowing and trimming around the property, but will not be held responsible in the event damage occurs.


Picking up limbs is an additional service, and if the limbs are small, they will be mowed over. If the limbs are too large to mow, they will be moved off to the side. If the limbs are too large to move, they will be left and the area will be mowed around the limbs.


Trash will be picked up prior to mowing. In the event trash has been mowed over, My Lawn Mower & Me will pick up the trash to the best of our ability.


My Lawn Mower & Me will move objects in service areas to mow under them, including BBQ grills, trampolines, hoses, hose reels, swings, toys, and similar objects, when and where it's reasonably possible to do so.


It is the client’s responsibility to pick up pet droppings prior to the scheduled mowing. Excessive droppings in the yard will be subject to a $15.00 inconvenience charge.


If the client's property has an area that has standing water or is too wet to mow, that area will be skipped. During the next regularly scheduled visit, the wet area will be reevaluated and either mowed/trimmed or skipped. This will continue until the area is dry enough to mow to avoid damage to My Lawn Mower & Me's equipment and client's service area. Service will not be discounted for any visit that has an area too wet, since it frequently takes just as long to mow/trim around the area. Additionally, when the area is dry enough, it frequently needs to be cut multiple times. During the summer, service will continue normally, even due to a lack of rain, and it is the client’s responsibility to contact My Lawn Mower & Me to change their service frequency. Clients have different perceptions on when a lawn should be cut, and under no circumstances will My Lawn Mower & Me make a decision based on our own perception or rationale, unless mutually agreed upon with client.


Fertilizer & Pesticides


My Lawn Mower & Me will apply fertilizer and pesticides according to the label, and follow all laws governing its use. And, whenever possible, My Lawn Mower & Me will only apply natural fertilizer and pesticides. In the event a label allows a range of concentrations for a particular pest, My Lawn Mower & Me will use their professional knowledge to apply the appropriate amount for control. Applications will continue, even under dry conditions, that arise due to a lack of rain. Fertilizers that are applied will only distribute nutrients when watered and weeds still frequently grow during these hot, dry conditions.


Products are designed to break down naturally within a reasonable time, through exposure in a variety of methods, including temperature, sunlight, water, and microbes.


The products we use are considered safe when used according to the label. People or pets should stay off turf applications until the area is dry or instructed by My Lawn Mower & Me. While the products we use are safe, there is always the chance that an individual or pet could have an allergic reaction, just as it is possible to have an allergic reaction to ANY product, whether natural or synthetic (i.e. Mold, peanuts, detergents, seafood, chocolate, bee stings, etc). My Lawn Mower & Me will not be held responsible for any allergic reactions due to installed applications.


My Lawn Mower & Me will use extreme care when applying fertilizer and pesticide products around swimming pools, ponds, and other bodies of water. My Lawn Mower & Me will not be held responsible for the water quality of these areas, including the illness or death of aquatic plants or pets, if an application was inadvertently placed into the water.




My Lawn Mower & Me will prepare the landscape bed by spraying and/or pulling weeds, redefining the bed edge, applying weed treatment, and installing mulch. New or neglected landscape beds will have mulch installed around two (2) inches thick. Regularly serviced landscape beds will have mulch installed around one (1) inch thick. Mulch will not be installed when ground conditions are wet or rain is expected within 24 hours after installation. My Lawn Mower & Me will not warranty a length of time the mulch will retain its color or how long a newly mulched landscape bed will be 100% free of weeds.


Landscape Installation


My Lawn Mower & Me will install all landscapes within industry standards, paying particular attention to creating a suitable base for the project. Plants will be installed with appropriate location, spacing, and depth. It is the client’s responsibility to water the plants as appropriate. If My Lawn Mower & Me is able to objectively show the plant died from a lack of water, warranty submissions will be denied.




My Lawn Mower & Me will prune trees and shrubs, using appropriate equipment and methods for the health of the plant. If the client gives specific pruning instructions, to cut a tree or a plant far beyond a normal trim, My Lawn Mower & Me will not be responsible in the event that tree or plant, fails to grow back or dies.


Seeding, Over-seeding, and Sod Planting


My Lawn Mower & Me requires its clients to mark any and all utility lines prior to aeration. My Lawn Mower & Me will not be responsible for damage to any underground lines, including but not limited to, cable lines, phone lines, irrigation heads/pipes, invisible fences, and similar items. *It is the client’s responsibility to mark irrigation heads prior to the aeration being performed, with colored flags or other items that clearly mark the area.


My Lawn Mower & Me can provide over-seeding to aerated areas, new seeding for bare ground, and sodding. My Lawn Mower & Me uses high quality seeds and sod, and germination failure is most likely due to lack of watering by the client. My Lawn Mower & Me offers no seeding warranty due to our inability to control watering.


Leaf Cleanup


My Lawn Mower & Me will remove leaves from all hard surfaces, landscape beds, and turf areas to the best of our ability. We strive to rid 99.9% of the leaves, but wet leaves, fruit, nuts, seeds, and leaves caught in thorny bushes may not be able to be entirely ridded from the property. My Lawn Mower & Me will not pick up an area a second time due to the wind blowing leaves from a neighboring property, and offers no guarantee to the length of time the property will be ridded of leaves.


Payment Terms


All regular serviced residential and commercial clients, and clients who utilize our services on an "as-needed" basis, will be billed no less than one (1) calendar day after services have been performed, unless client pre-pays for monthly service (i.e. Monthly Auto-Pay, Platinum Maintenance, or Premier Maintenance). Payments not received within one (1) calendar day (known hereafter as the, "Grace Period") after the invoiced date will incur a 10% Delinquent Fee for each property itemized, or specified. Payments received after the Grace Period will incur a 1.5% Tier 2 Delinquent Fee for each day payment is not received. Services not paid within 30 calendar days for any client will be turned over to collections or pursued through small claims court. Clients agree they will be responsible for all collection costs due to nonpayment.


Effective February 2, 2019, all invoices will include applicable Sales Tax to ensure compliance with tax law. Learn more by visiting the Texas Comptroller website - Click Here.


My Lawn Mower & Me accepts check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Checks should be mailed to My Lawn Mower & Me, 7324 Gaston Avenue, STE 124-161, Dallas, TX 75214. *Any form of compensation should never be given to the crew who services your property. Credit card payments can be made on our secure web gateway, at, or any and all generated invoices.



Clients must notify My Lawn Mower & Me 24 hours prior to the service being performed, that they want service skipped, or be subject to a $15.00 trip charge. If service has begun, and the client stops My Lawn Mower & Me from completing the service, the greater amount of $15.00 or the discounted amount will be charged.


Discount/Promotional Terms


Service discounts or promotional offers are not eligible for clients, or invoices that are past due, regardless of the amount(s) past due.


Service Continuation


My Lawn Mower & Me provides recurring services that automatically renew each year, unless the service was performed on an "as-needed" basis. Services are scheduled to be performed Monday through Saturday, from 7:00 am to 6:30 pm CST, unless a day/time outside the aforementioned is mutually agreed upon. This schedule can vary due to national holidays and rain days. In the event of a national holiday or rain day, service will be delayed by one day. If there are two rain days, service will be postponed until the next week, unless an alternate day/time is agreed upon.


Service issues, including property damage, should be notified to My Lawn Mower & Me within 24 hours after the service has been performed, or service will be considered acceptable. My Lawn Mower &Me will make a reasonable attempt to correct any service issues, within 24 hours or the next business day. No service issue shall entitle My Lawn Mower & Me to nonpayment. Any mutual agreement for nonpayment should be written.


Clients, not under contract, may cancel service at any time by providing My Lawn Mower & Me with written cancellation, no less than 3 days prior to their next scheduled service. My Lawn Mower & Me reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason. 

Last Updated: February 2, 2019